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By : Jennifer Porter

What to Expect During Your Site Evaluation with Hedgefield Homes


One of the key milestones during the homebuilding process is the site evaluation. After signing a purchase agreement with Hedgefield Homes, you will have an important meeting with your personal builder out on your property. Here’s what to expect during your site evaluation. 

Preferred Placement

The Site Evaluation gives a chance to discuss the preferred placement of your new home. Your personal builder will take into account factors such as sunlight exposure, views and best value. Your builder will stake the home and use it to create a preliminary site plan to serve as a visual representation of how the home will be situated on your property. This stake placement will also guide geotechnical engineers in identifying locations for soil testing, essential for engineering your foundation to suit the characteristics of your land.

Site Conditions 

During this meeting, your builder will also dive into site conditions. This involves determining whether any grade cut or fill will be necessary to achieve the desired home placement. The slope of the land will be carefully measured to assess its impact on the home's positioning. Our builders are skilled in determining the feasibility of relocating a home to save costs on site work. If it applies, we'll also talk about potential tree removal, adding retaining walls and the implications of rocky soil on the site.

Site Accessibility

Ensuring that the construction process goes smoothly requires evaluating the accessibility of the site. During the site meeting your builder will determine what preparation is necessary in order for large trucks, machinery and other equipment to access the site. If any demolition or site clearing is required to clear space or create better access, those needs will be discussed during this meeting. 

Driveway Paving

We also determine whether the entrance requires a culvert for drainage, what type of material is desired for the driveway, and how much there will be.


Utilities Planning

We will discuss all utilities needed on site. This will include electric, water or well, sewer or septic systems, gas if you've chosen it, and even considerations for phone and internet connections. It is important to have water and electricity on site before construction begins.


How to Prepare For Your Site Evaluation

  • Ensure the area where the house will sit is cleared.

  • Find out who the utility providers are for each service ahead of time.

  • Check for any HOA or ACC requirements. If there is an ACC, please provide a copy of the CC&R’s for the meeting, if possible. Review them beforehand, paying particular attention to garage entrance requirements, setback requirements, orientation and minimum square footage.

  • Plan for approximately 90 minutes for this meeting. 

  • While not mandatory, having the land mowed will help ensure the laser functions without interference.