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The compensation of our Realtor®/Broker partners is a high priority for Hedgefield Homes. We appreciate you introducing your clients to Hedgefield and by having standard processes in place, we are able to make sure commission is protected.

To ensure a seamless experience and payment of your commission earnings, you must fill out out Real Estate Agent Co-Op Program Registration Form at the time of your client’s first visit to Hedgefield's sales and design center. If the client has visited the sales and design center and was previously registered by a Hedgefield Homes Sales representative, this will void the possibility of the real estate agent earning a commission on a sale. Anytime your clients visit the Hedgefield Homes sales and design center, we strongly suggest you make it a priority to register them through the Co-Op Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be present in order to register my client with Hedgefield Homes?

Yes, you must be present, accompanied by your client during your first visit to one of our model homes. Telephone, e-mail, and/or other methods of registration are not valid (refer to FAQ – Can I register my clients after they have been previously registered with Hedgefield Homes?).

In order to earn a commission from your Co-Op program, do I need to be a licenced Realtor®/Broker in the State of Texas?

Yes, and per TREC® rules. Your license must also be active during the time of your first visit when you register your client, as well as when the purchase agreement is signed by all parties.

Can I register my clients after they have been previously registered with Hedgefield Homes?

It is our goal to compensate Realtors®/Brokers for introducing their clients to Hedgefield and being the “procuring cause of a sale”, therefore a registration after an initial contact from the client to Hedgefield Homes will not be considered as valid, and a commission will not have been earned. Initial contact encompasses event such as the prospective buyer visiting a model home, getting in contact with an Hedgefield sales representative through a website (Zillow.com, hedgefield.com, or others), email, phone inquiries, etc.

For clients that are coming from out of town, we encourage Realtors®/Brokers to schedule a “preview” visit ahead of time with a Hedgefield Homes’ Sales Professional and register your client if you will not be present during your client’s first visit. Doing so will be considered a valid registration and a commission will be earned if the client moves forward with the purchase of an Hedgefield home.

We keep detailed records of all communication with realtors and prospective clients and if you bring in a client who was previously registered, we will be happy to provide you details on when the prospective client first reached out and any previous communications that have taken place. If you previously registered your client with a different Hedgefield sales professional, please make sure to let the sales professional you are working with know so they can confirm and proceed with including your earned commission when preparing the purchase agreement. The previous registration must be valid when the purchase agreement is signed by all parties (refer to FAQ – How long does my client’s registration last?).

How is the sales commission calculated?

The sales commission is calculated off of the the base price of the home. Homesite premiums, and options will not affect the commission calculation.

How long does my client’s registration last?

Your client registration is valid for 60 days from the date you initially register them. Provided your client enters into an agreement to purchase within such timeframe your registration is protected. If your client needs more time prior to making a decision, we completely understand. You are welcome to extend the timeframe by re-registering them prior to the expiration date.

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