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Our Building Process

Hedgefield Homes Building Process Infographic

Hedgefield Homes has developed a simple six-step process to ensure our customers get the most out of their build experience, while keeping things easy to understand.

These are the 6 Simple Steps you’ll take on your way to building a semi-custom home:

  • 1. Determine Your Buying Power

    a. In order for you to know what kind of home you can design, you need to understand how much you can spend. Setting up this first quick meeting with one of our preferred lenders will enable you to do just that. You’ll now be able to walk confidently into your Land Evaluation and Design meetings armed with the knowledge you need.

  • 2. Land Evaluation

    a. If you’ve identified land already, you will get a FREE evaluation of that lot by one of our build specialists that will help us determine where the house would sit and what size plan will fit on the lot. Don’t have land yet? No problem! We are able to help you with that by putting you in contact with one of our land specialist partners in your area of interest.

  • 3. Design Your Home

    a. Now you’ll select a plan or customize one to fit your unique vision. And not just the floorplan, we will walk you through a series of questions designed to help you think through decisions on interior & exterior finishes as well. Our experienced specialists will guide you through it all, so that we truly understand your vision and help you develop the plan of your dreams!

  • 4. Pre-Construction Final Approvals

    a. OK, now we’ll all sit down to go over every detail of your new home: from the foundation plan to the master shower tile pattern. This is our deep-dive meeting to make sure we have captured everything you’ve desired in your plan. After this, your construction loan will be closed and the funds will be available to start building.

  • 5. Time To Build!

    a. Construction begins on your new home! If you have taken advantage of any Instant Equity items, you will start working on any site improvements with the advice and guidance of your Builder. You’ll be kept up to date with weekly updates from your builder and New Home Specialist, and your Builder will schedule key on-site walk-through meetings with you.

  • 6. Move-In

    a. 6 - 8 months from the start of construction, you will move in to your new home! Your Builder will perform a home-owner orientation walk-through with you to demonstrate the features and functions of your new home. You’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing your new home comes with a 10-year structural warranty. Hedgefield stands behind every home we build.

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