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By : Jennifer Porter

Building With Confidence: Inside Hedgefield Homes’ Quality Assurance Program


In the home building world where multiple hands shape our projects, consistency is key. Our internal Quality Assurance Program was created from the desire to maintain unwavering adherence to our company standards and scopes of work. This program acts as a guide that ensures every home, regardless of the superintendent overseeing it, is built with the same attention to detail and quality, safeguarding the integrity of our vision and promise to our customers. This initiative of creating an internal Quality Assurance Program, an uncommon practice in the industry, is a commitment that sets us apart from other home builders. 


Your Vision, Our Promise: The Quality Assurance Journey


From the initial Pre-Start phase to the Final Inspection, our Quality Assurance Specialist evaluates the home at all critical stages during the build to ensure your dreams are transformed into a reality that stands the test of time. Here's a glimpse into what we do:


  • Pre-Start Inspection: Before construction begins, our QA Specialist examines the chosen spot for the home, ensuring that it's in the correct location on the correct lot. They also make sure the lot is clean and clear and verify that water and electricity is ready to be installed, if not already. Our commitment to getting the basics right is where your peace of mind begins.


  • Pre-Pour Inspection: There's a lot to accomplish before pouring the foundation, and our QA Specialist follows a detailed checklist to ensure readiness before the pour. This includes verifying the correct placement of forms, post-tension cables, electrical conduits and proper installation of drain and supply lines as specified in the plan.


  • Framing Inspection: After the home is framed, our specialist steps in to ensure everything has been executed accurately. This includes verifying that the house is framed to plan dimensions, correct installation of exterior doors and windows, all the way down to anchor bolts, nails and seam-tape installation. 


  • MEP Inspection: During this inspection we review mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to ensure their correct layout. This includes conducting a water test to ensure plumbing is active and maintains pressure. We also verify that all penetrations are properly sealed and supply lines are adequately insulated, as needed. We check to make sure the HVAC is aligned to the plan paying special attention to preventing kinks in the ducts and that air conditioning drain lines are correctly situated. 


  • Final Inspection: Prior to handing over the keys, our Final Inspection ensures accuracy of the entire home. Our QA Specialist dedicates several hours checking over the exterior and interior work, flatwork, and more. In addition to the physical inspection they also cross-reference all documentation to make certain that the actual features and components of the home align with what you selected through the pre-construction phase. This comprehensive evaluation not only validates the quality of the construction but also offers you the assurance that your vision and preferences have been captured in the final product.


Third-Party Validation


In our pursuit of excellence we also currently partner with Burgess Construction Consultants, a third-party expert, to evaluate our work. This external validation is a testament to our commitment to transparency and the lengths we go to in ensuring your peace of mind.


When you choose Hedgefield Homes, you're not just choosing a home builder; you're choosing a partner who's committed to building your dream home. That home deserves nothing less than our best, and that's what our Quality Assurance Program provides– excellence, trust and peace of mind. 


Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights and exciting updates as we continue to raise the bar in the world of home building.


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