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What Is the Custom Home Building Process in North Texas?

What is involved in the custom home building process? Here is our typical process for building a new home in Texas so you can be prepared for this exciting adventure.

By: Brian Carlin

Steps to Building a Custom Home

There are a lot of benefits to building a custom home - you can design the home you want, from the number of rooms to the features and options you select (like the type of appliances, countertops, lighting, windows, outdoor living areas, etc.) to the location. 

But what is involved in the custom home building process? Understanding how to build a custom home can help prepare your schedule and budget for this exciting endeavor.




What Is the Home Building Process for a
Custom Home?

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Below are the steps to building a custom home:




Initial Meeting with Custom Home Builder Near You

High angle view of a smiling young couple in meeting with a financial adviser at home

Whether you've purchased land or are looking, we will meet with you in our office/showroom to learn what you are looking for in a new home. We will ask you lots of questions designed to help us understand your budget, your design vision, your property characteristics and more so we can help design and build a house you'll love. 

We have a number of beautiful custom home floor plans for you to choose from, which can be modified to suit your vision.  If you don’t see one that suits you, no problem, we will design one from scratch. The goal for this meeting is to learn all we can about your goals and identify a home design direction and features you are looking for in your new home.  We won’t try to make all of the decisions in this meeting; there will be plenty of time for that later.


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Site Visit to New or Existing Lot

Site Visit

Next, we visit your land to look at the property together and walk and talk through the siting of your home. This is a time to imagine the possibilities and envision the custom home plan you have identified on your land. We still aren't locked in, so if we see some opportunities for improvement, there is still time! We will use a checklist to take detailed notes about the site, which we will use in the preliminary estimate for the design and cost to build your home.


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Floor Plan and Option Selections

Blog 1 - Can You Build a Floor Plan from Another Build or Use My Home Plan Design

We strive to provide pricing the same day, once the floor plan design and options and upgrades are selected.  If non-standard options, such as space additions or major modifications are made, those changes will be priced typically about 1-2 days after the initial meeting. If all looks good, we will recommend a geotechnical firm to complete the soils test while we fine-tune your custom home plans. 


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New Home Design Meeting


This is when you will meet with our design coordinator and choose all of your home’s finishes. We also have a licensed interior designer available if you prefer a deeper dive. 


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Pre-Construction Meeting


roof trusses

With final plans, selections and engineering in hand, we are ready to do a deep dive together to review everything - custom home plans, selections, specifications - in great detail. Once this is complete, it typically takes 4 weeks to start construction. 


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Financing Your Home

Sketch of home

If you require financing for your custom home, whether interim or long-term financing, we work closely with a preferred lender who provides fantastic service, competitive rates and years of residential lending expertise. She can talk you through options and offer counsel as needed. 

Learn more about typical home building costs in North Texas.




Home Construction Process

post tension foundation (1)


How long does it take to build a house in Texas in 2021?

Home construction in Texas usually takes 4 to 5 months to complete with Hedgefield Homes. Construction passes through several key phases; we break them down like so: 

  • Permitting & Site Prep

  • Foundation

  • Frame & Mechanicals

  • Drywall/Millwork/Paint

  • Finished Surfaces (tile, counters, flooring)

  • Paving & Landscaping

At Hedgefield Homes, we provide you with progress updates each week, and we will meet on site at 4 key points. 


When Do I Meet with My Home Builders During the Custom Home Building Process?

1) Siting the Home - To ensure we have the house located correctly.

2) Frame Stage - To walk through the electrical plan & discuss mechanical installations. 

3) Post Drywall - To discuss the finish-out schedule of the home. 

4) Final Orientation - To introduce you to the features of your new home.


Hedgefield uses custom-built inspection software to carry out multiple formal inspections, in addition to the routine jobsite visits the superintendent will make. Formal inspections include: 

  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Foundation makeup
  • Frame, cornice, windows & doors
  • Mechanical rough-in
  • Final inspection




Home Warranty


Bankhead Classic Floor Plan (Hedgefield Custom Homes North Texas)
Hedgefield Homes prides itself on handling all home warranty requests with speed and professionalism. We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty, 2 years for major delivery systems and a 10-year structural warranty. We will provide you with the tools and processes to make warranty requests, and we have a history of responding quickly. We schedule a 1-year walk-through to inspect the home’s year-1 performance for ourselves and make a list of any repairs that may need to be done. 


Learn more about Hedgefield Homes and
how we can help you get started on your home build.


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